How To Register

Your Workers

How To Register

Please follow the steps below to register your workers.

We suggest you read through the instructions before you get started and allow yourself time to source and upload the information needed. A nominated administrator from your business will be required to complete the steps below for each worker who needs site access.

User guides with screenshots can be found on the Help and Resources page.

Let’s get started!

Step 1 > Register with Avetta Connect

Before you can register your workers, your company needs to first be registered with Avetta Connect.

You can do that here.

Step 2 > Login to add your workers

Log into Avetta Connect, and click the Workforce (Pegasus US) button. 

Click Add or Remove Portals button.

Select CP Kelco tile. 

Select Manage Roles and then Add New Employee. From here, enter and save their personal contact details, address, phone number and email.

If your worker already exists, simply click on their profile.

Step 3 > Select sites and roles

Select Add Site and select a site(s) to associate your worker to.

Select All Roles > Add New Role and choose from the roles available on site.

Note: In addition to the work role you select, a site-specific Worker Role will be added automatically for each site selected.

Step 4 > Upload documents and register for online safety trainings

Your role selections will determine the qualification documents (e.g., licenses and certifications) you’ll upload in the system to prove your worker’s compliance status to perform the chosen role/s. You will also register your workers for online safety trainings which are required to access site. The worker will be sent a link and login details.

Documents validated and roles applied

We will validate the documents you’ve uploaded during registration. You’ll be emailed if any information needs correcting or updating. Upon document approval and safety training completion, the roles will be applied to your workers in the system.

It’s important that you keep all details up to date. You’ll be emailed if any worker’s documents are expiring in the system so you can update them.

Registration Payments

Each new worker registration will cost $15 USD.

You will receive a one monthly invoice that includes all new employee entrees for that month.